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LAG-the area of LAG Moravian karst is situated in south part of “Drahanská vrchovina“ upland. It is bordered by cities of Brno, Blansko, Boskovice and Vyškov. More than 42,000 people live within the area of LAG. The area comprises 54 municipalities. The Moravian Karst together with its surroundings is a region with many natural features (Protected Landscape Area Moravian Karst, European important localities of Natura 2000 system)Unique nature and countryside go hand in hand with many historic and cultural sights of various architectural styles. The area of The Moravian Karst and its wider surrounding has a remarkable importance for knowledge of prehistorical development of our civilisation in Central European area. This area on the fringe of Central European lowland has been inhabited and used by a people for more than one hundred thousand years. The area was also a crib of development of iron industry and industry in general. The area belongs to the most important karst areas in the Czech Republic, notable for its longest history of speleological, architectonical and paleontological karst research in Europe. The area has plenty of undiscovered and non-promoted sites of natural, historical a cultural heritage.

Objectives and means of LAG

Main objective of LAG Moravian Karst is to use the potential, which The Moravian Karst offers in tourism for the development of the whole are.

Other objectives include:

  • Management of unique natural, cultural and historical heritage of The Moravian Karst, mainly through strengthening the identity in rural area and participation of local communities and entrepreneurs.

  • business development based on local sources with emphasis on environmental friendliness and development of social businesses, initiation and development of new innovative businesses, development of productive activities and services for local people, creation of new jobs, exchange and sharing of experience, marketing, trade, linking of producers among themselves and producers with service providers;

  • Creation and development of a new strong image of The Moravian Karst in tourism industry as a destination of special interest for active relaxation, sports, cognitive tourism and entertainment with use of cultural heritage and related offers in gastronomy, architecture and culture. Increase the number of visitors in the region.

The other important activity of LAG Moravian Karst is branding of local products 

Local product branding scheme ”The Moravian Karst – regional product®” started up in 2007. This brand means that products passed through strict certification process, which guarantees their origin in the wider Moravian Karst. Branded products have to contribute to the good name of the region and be of a high quality, environmentaly friendly, unique in relation to The Moravian Karst – i.e. made by traditional technology, handmade or made from local materials, unique by its high quality. Aim of the branding is to promote the region of The Moravian Karst and to help local producers.


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