The objective of the ENERGYREGION Database is to present current status of different types of renewable energy resources in comparison with conventional energy resources in different Central European regions. The latter significantly dominate across Central Europe. The contribution of renewable energy is, however, growing due to a new approach to energy management and tightening environmental regulations. Knowing the resources is essential for renewable energy planning in a region or municipality. Nearly every region can take advantage of renewable energy technologies, but not all technologies are well suited for every region.
The ENERGYREGION Database of Renewable Energy will provide access to an extensive and up-to-date information on conventional and, most importantly, unconventional energy plants or installations in regions selected as study areas of the ENERGYREGION project. These are:
- Lower Silesia Region, Poland;
- Local Action Group Opavsko and Local Action Group Moravian Karst, Czech Republic;
- Podravje Region, Slovenia;
- North Hessen, Germany.
Examples of information that can be retrieved from the database by potential users are: on installation’s capacity and generated energy, basic technological characteristics, equipment, purpose of utilization. The database of installations will be structured according to the following areas:
- biomass, biogas and biofuels utilization
- wind power
- photovoltaics and solar thermal energy
- hydropower
- geothermal energy
- conventional power and heat
The information will be demonstrated in a user-friendly manner on maps accessed online. Additionally, general data characterizing the selected regions, such as quantity of energy produced from particular renewable sources and their future potential, will be presented.


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