WP-6. Knowledge transfer, know-how and innovation for effective development of dispersed energy

Strategic focus/main objective: knowledge transfer providing

Responsible Partner: Porsenna o.p.s

The main aim of this Work Package is to transfer knowledge, know-how and innovation in the area of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. It is planned to collect the best available techniques and solutions as well as good practices in the area of RES development and energy savings promotion. Evaluation of collected data and analysis of shining examples from partner countries will bring useful information about current situation and will enable construction of transnational database. The next stage will be focused on identification of innovation needs in particular regions. Knowledge about regional needs and wide knowledge about different solutions and the best technologies will enable development of recommendations and guidelines for these regions. Two transnational workshops planned to be organized in Czech Republic and in Poland will be a very good opportunity to present widely and to discuss the results of conducted works and to exchange experience in the issue of renewable energy sources development and energy efficiency improving.

Core outputs:

  • a set of recommendations and solutions for selected regions including description of technologies and equipment and definition of expected results
  • a simulation model setting the criteria (economical, ecological and social) of pilot projects evaluation

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