WP-4. Identification of energy potential in region

Strategic focus/main objective: identification of energy sources in regions

Responsible Partner: Poltegor-Institute

This Work Package will be mainly focused on renewable energy sources identification. It is planned to develop a transnational database of renewable energy sources. The main aim of this database will be gathering the most complete and the most recent information on conventional and unconventional energy sources in selected regions of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany. The database will contain data on: biomass energy, water energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and solar energy. It will also consider current status of energy generated from fossil fuels. Collected data will be visualized and presented on maps. These maps will be available on the website.

This Work Package will also consider the urgent problem of linking of renewable energy sources into regional energy networks. The existing obstacles will be indicated and potential solutions will be proposed. The best practices in this issue will be highlighted.

On the basis of collected information on renewable energy resources, sites of their potential development, technical and legal obstacles scenarios of renewable energy development in all particular regions will be prepared. Moreover, a tool for renewable energy sources monitoring will be proposed.

Core outputs:

  • transnational database including information about renewable energy sources in four selected regions from Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovenia;
  • a set of models enabling analysis of energy input data and relations between them.  

In the framework of this work package pilot activities focused on two main topics will be realized. The first issue to be considered is the wind potential assessment. Measurements in four different localizations are foreseen. The second issue to be considered is biomass utilization. Comparative tests of biomass gasification and combustion in selected commercial gasification boiler and furnace will be conducted.

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