Application website, provided by the web server, was created in LabVIEW 2010 environment using the Web Publishing Tool.
To run the application, use only Microsoft Internet Explorer with the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in installed. In addition, it is required to install the LabVIEW RunTimeEngine National Istruments minimum version 2010 standard, which is free and available for example on:

If the application is not available, please:
1. Check whether you are using Internet Explorer.
2. Make sure that Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is installed and running.
3. Check whether the LabVIEW RunTimeEngine of the minimum version 2010 standard is installed.

After you access the application in order to run it, please press the "run" button on the application bar - arrow.
The application can be stopped by pressing "stop" or a red circle on the application bar or by closing the page.

 Guidelines for Wind Power Calculator

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