The ENERGYREGION supported promoting renewables by first having energy needs and energy sources of the regions of interest documented. The documented information such as installation’s capacity and generated energy, basic technological characteristics, equipment, purpose of utilization is demonstrated in a user-friendly manner on maps accessed online. To further investigate a potential for RE and increase social awareness on sustainable energy systems several pilot activities related to wind, biomass and solar energy were implemented.
In order to give an overview about the way how particular countries try to raise energy production from RES and reduce energy consumption the catalogues of measures and best practice were created. 40 measures in the field of energy conservation and RES are collected in the on-line catalogue of measures where each measure is specified by a relevant and comprehensive description in terms of their practical applicability.40 best practices from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Slovenia are collected in the on-line catalogue of best practice examples representing the measures successfully implemented as “real life” projects. The catalogues intend to help identify possible future actions in municipalities. To further strengthen municipalities and local authorities in rational energy management, energy efficiency and renewable energy development concepts for 7 selected municipalities in all countries involved were shaped. The concepts were built on a relationship between energy demand and supply in municipalities, availability of local energy resources, needs of inhabitants and local economy characteristics. Additionally, a feasibility of several concrete energy projects was examined in order to analyze their economic and technical aspects and evaluate possible variants of their implementation. Recommendations for investors on preparation, execution and operation of the projects were presented.
The important aspects of energy management on different levels were emphasized in two handbooks addressed to households “Energy saving at low or no costs” and local authorities “From energy management to energy security”. In order to analyze in more detail the idea of gaining more energy independence or even reaching full energy autonomy, the options for single houses and regions were explored on the basis of Czech, German, Polish and Slovenian case studies. The studies examined the circumstances allowing to cover electricity and heat demand with renewable energy supply and ideally produce more energy than is consumed.

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