Poltegor-Institutefor many years has been conducting research and technology development activities in the field of environmental engineering and management of natural deposits, extending these works into other industry branches. Organizational structure of the Institute is divided into interdisciplinary work teams which are strengthened with an access to 14 different laboratories. The Institute employs 92 persons, including 4 professors and 21 doctors of technical and natural sciences. Poltegor staff posses qualifications, which enables conduction of research in the area of: environment protection, reclamation of brownfield and post-mining areas, identification of renewable energy sources, technological processes modeling, concepts development and projects of technology systems elaboration, tests on seismic and geotechnical hazards, chemical tests of water, systems of water intakes, development of complex prognosis of industry branches development and energy resources management. Poltegor is a member of several organizations, for example: CLUSTER for power generation and energy utilization in mega- and nano-scale, Lower Silesia Energy Cluster, as well as Integrated Scientific-Technological Institute: Fuels - Safety – Environment and Lower Silesia Center of Advanced Technologies.

Currently Institute is conducting several research and development projects co-financed from the national budget and in the framework of EU-funds, for example: “Underground Brown Coal Gasification Technology”; “Technology of Surface Water Biochemical Remediation and Storage in Underground Hydrogeological Structures for Municipal Water Intakes in River Valleys”; “Methodology of hydrocarbons degradation in soil with slaughter residues utilization”; “Strategies and Technological Scenarios of Management and Utilization of Natural Stone Deposits”; “Integrated Steering System for Opencast Extraction of Natural Stones”. Poltegor is also cooperating with industry and private companies.

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