The application is designed to estimate energy demand and carbon dioxide emissions in regions. The application enables:
1. Forecasting demand for energy based on energy consumption data from previous years,
2. Estimating carbon dioxide emissions depending on the used energy sources,
3. Estimating demand for thermal energy in buildings,
4. Comparison of heat consumption depending on the type of building renovation.
The application uses the data of thermal performance of buildings, gathered in the IEE project “TABULA” (2009-2012), available at:
Energy consumption:
Based on energy consumption in previous years (a value specified in the table under "total", where one should type a year with a value of consumption) a trend of energy demand is calculated (shown in the graph). On this basis a forecast of energy demand in the following years is estimated (a year should be entered into the table "prediction").
Sources of energy and CO2 emissions:
The table compares carbon dioxide emissions for different energy sources. In the table, one can make changes and add the item.
Energy production:
In the table one can enter a percentage of each source in total energy production in a year.
On this basis annual emissions of carbon dioxide are calculated and presented in the  "Emissions of CO2".
Emissions of C02:
The table presents the calculated value of carbon dioxide emissions.
Heat consumption:
Enter a number of buildings depending on a year of construction and used thermomodernization method.
Fields marked with an X are not available. Select your region.
The annual heat consumption is presented in the bars "Set A" and "Set B". In order to make a comparison of an effect of thermomodernization for groups of buildings, there are two sets of data.To reach the appropriate data set go to "set A" or "set B".
For the calculation of annual heat consumption the data on thermal performance of buildings
from TABULA project available at: were used.
The application was developed in 2014 by  Poltegor-Institute and Wrocław University of Technology.

The application

To run the application, please:
1. download file and install it on your own computer, or
2. use Microsoft Internet Explorer with the appropriate add-ons installed. See instruction below.

Application website, provided by the web server, was created in LabVIEW 2010 environment using the Web Publishing Tool.
To run the application, use only Microsoft Internet Explorer with the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in installed. In addition, it is required to install the LabVIEW RunTimeEngine National Istruments minimum version 2010 standard, which is free and available for example on:
If the application is not available, please:
1.check whether you are using Internet Explorer,
2.make sure the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is installed and running
3.check whether the LabVIEW RunTimeEngine of the minimum version 2010 standard is installed

After you access the application in order to run it, please press the "run" button on the application bar - arrow.
The application can be stopped by pressing "stop" or a red circle on the application bar or by closing the page.

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