How to get a plant connected - Technological options and administrative process

This section describes a process of connection of various renewable energy sources to the electric grid and is directed to future investors considering investment opportunities or being at an early stage of an investment preparation. The purpose of this guide is to provide basic information on technological aspects of operating plants in the on grid mode. It is also designed as a simple manual on how to receive a grid connection permit showing all steps from selection of location, grid connection application to grid connection agreement and other parts of the administrative process, e.g. building permit, other permits, environmental impact assessment. The section is divided into two sub-sections:

PART I: TECHNICAL ASPECTS - technology options of integration renewable energy sources into to the grid (devices/components required)
PART II: LEGAL PROCESS - “what to do to get connected” manual for investors including description of legal requirements for different energy sources. The legal process involves the following aspects:
  • Location planning
  • Environmental conditions
  • Specific permits
  • Network accessing
  • Building permit
  • Plant commissioning

The manual clearly shows the main differences of various energy sources (e.g. hydropower plants require water management permits which other plants do not need). Moreover, the legal process part is structured according to countries participating in the project due to differences in legal systems.

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